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Carpet & Floor Cleaning Service

We know how critical first impressions are when a client visits your facility. Our carpet and floor cleaning service will provide you with a solution to ensure all floors are cleaned to the highest standard. A regular cleaning schedule will prevent dull and unsightly floors, reducing the need for expensive procedures or new flooring, saving you money.

Abelian’s floor cleaning team are expertly trained in the methods required to clean multiple surfaces. Where suitable we will use technology that reduces room down time due to drying by minimising water use. A huge benefit for spaces open 7 days a week.

The type of flooring found within your facility, as well as the footfall will impact how regular deep cleaning is required. As part of daily contracted cleaning hoovering, mopping and spot cleaning is included. Deep cleans will be periodic, and we will ensure all equipment needed is capable of being stored safely in your available space.

Carpet & Floor Cleaning Service
Carpet & Floor Cleaning Service

Our carpet & hard floor cleaning service includes:

  • Hot water extraction / steam cleaning
  • Dry foam carpet cleaning
  • Terrazzo cleaning
  • Wooden floor, natural stone and ceramic tile cleaning
  • Vinyl and linoleum cleaning
  • Dust control service
Security & Vetting Icon

Security & Vetting

Our cleaners must pass an enhanced DBS check on employment, wear a uniform and carry their I.D badges at all times. This way we safeguard your facility from unsuitable individuals.  

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Site Auditing System

Our auditing technology enables all area managers to score our service delivery every month. We are then immediately reactive to any improvement needed before an issue is raised.

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Attendance Monitoring

Tracking the work patterns of our operatives will ensure your facility’s cleaning is completed on time, every time. It also means we can easily provide holiday or absence cover when needed.

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Focused Innovation

We use machinery that reduces water waste and chemical free solutions.  With focus on infection control by cutting germs and cross contamination to reduce sick days and save money.