Washroom & Feminine Hygiene  London

Abelian provides Washroom Services inclusive of Feminine Hygiene to a range of schools and businesses within London and the surrounding boroughs. Our service includes full washroom cleaning, replenishing consumeables and disposal of all feminine hygiene.  

We create a tailored washroom cleaning service that suits the requirements of your facility whether you need just feminine hygience disposal or a complete package, we are sure to provide a competitively priced Washroom Cleaning solution.

We have a wide range of waste disposal units capable of fitting any washroom size and environment. We’re focused on ensuring peak hygiene is maintained and eliminating malodours. This is why our disposal units contain dry germicide which kills bacteria and all unpleasant odours. 

Toilet cleaning services


Our Washroom & Feminine Hygiene service includes:

- Full cleaning and sanitation of the restroom area

- Replenishing all consumables i.e. toilet paper, hand soap, vending consumables etc. 

- Removal of waste products and emptying of sanitary units

- Cross contamination control & reducing any risk of infection

- Comprehensive toilet, urinal and baby change cleaning 

- Floor cleaning 



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