Pest Control Service London

Any pest infestation can lead to numerous problems, the most obvious being health and safety risks for your employees and visitors. Areas containing company stock is also easily damaged rendering it non-saleable. Abelian's pest control service can efficiently remove these risks faced by businesses and schools. 

Our pest control operatives have extensive experience and training allowing us to create tailored and highly effective measures to prevent or control in place infestations, as well as the proofing of premises, reducing risk of further infestations. Our proactive approach ensures a safe and hygienic environment is created for all employees and visiting clients or customers.  

Pest control services


Our Pest Control Service includes:

- Rodent Pest Control & Prevention

- Insect Pest Control & Prevention

- Bird Pest Control

- Proofing of Premises

- Flexible & Discreet; our operatives will work in line with your facilities working hours and will ensure complete discretion 


All procedures are carried out by expertly trained operatives using innovative methods in all areas of control and proofing. Where possible we implement non-toxic methods, reducing environmental impact.


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