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Media Facility Cleaning Services

When you look at the cleaning standards of your production house, design studio, architects office, or radio / broadcasting space – we clean them all – is it the standard of cleaning you need? Cleanliness impacts your employee’s productivity and creativity. If you don’t immediately think yes, Abelian should be your next media cleaning service provider. Here’s why…

Our media cleaning service focuses on ensuring you have a hygienic facility, maintaining tidiness and remaining flexible. Flexibility lets us adapt to any c


Abelian knows first impressions matter. Your studio or office is where clients visit to view your work. This is where they determine if your company is one they can build a creative relationship with. It would be silly, based on the appearance of your space that clients assume your services are mirrored by any dirt or mess. We pride ourselves on delivering only the highest standard of cleaning daily. This means your facility won’t affect first impressions anymore.

Abelian knows supervision is vital to guarantee we deliver the cleaning standards needed. Your Account Manager will provide ongoing supervision to our BICSc trained cleaners. Monthly audits track our cleaning performance. We promote transparency through an open dialogue, this means we share audit reports with you. Our 24/7 response desk means we will get any queries or questions answered right away! Knowing security is important – our cleaners will secure your facility when all cleaning is completed.

To learn more about how Abelian can provide you with the media cleaning services you deserve – contact us by selecting one of the buttons below.

Benefits of choosing Abelian’s Media Cleaning services:

  • Directly employed BICSc and Health & Safety trained cleaners
  • Monthly audits to track & monitor our service delivery
  • Competitively priced cleaning contracts with flexible work patterns
  • Colour Coding for Hygiene & COSHH focused
  • Quick response to all customer needs
  • Use the latest in machinery to increase productivity for cost savings
Security & Vetting Icon

Security & Vetting

Our cleaners must pass an enhanced DBS check on employment, wear a uniform and carry their I.D badges at all times. This way we safeguard your facility from unsuitable individuals.  

Site Auditing System Icon

Site Auditing System

Quality control through auditing allows your Account Manager to score our delivery. This management makes us proactive in delivering the agreed service standard your facility requires. 

Attendance Monitoring Icon

Attendance Monitoring

We record and track the work times and locations of all operatives to ensure your facility’s cleaning is completed on time, every time. This way you only pay for hours completed.

Focused Innovation Icon

Focused Innovation

We use machinery that reduces water waste and chemical free solutions.  With focus on infection control by cutting germs and cross contamination to reduce sick days and save money.