Public Sector

Abelian provides professional Cleaning Services for a variety of public institutions in London and Greater London with over 21 years of experience. 

Abelian has been providing professional commercial cleaning services in the Public Sector to Government institutions, libraries, theatres, museums and schools in the London and Greater London area.

We understand that within the public sector, financial pressures mean budgets are becoming tighter and tighter. This is why Abelian ensures that all cleaning service schedules are designed so they are both transparent and budget conscious.

We know that opinions matter whether they are from internal staff or members of the public visiting for events or on touristic occasions. Our soft service facilities management spans across a range of services, whilst attention is paid to remain sympathetic to the building and historical features where relevant, causing minimal disruption to daily activities in-house.

Public sector cleaning services in London


Our highly trained and experienced operatives are skilled in the latest cleaning technology and machinery. We are environmentally conscious and so ensure all cleaning agents used are of the highest quality. Our Eco-friendly range of agents is used where required and appropriate which are free from harmful toxic chemical.

Our operatives are fully vetted and uniformed to ensure they are easily identified as Abelian.  All cleaning operatives are DBS checked because we know the importance of security.

A dedicated Area Manager will be assigned to your cleaning contract and will be available 24/7. We use Time and Attendance management systems allowing us to monitor and track the work patterns of our cleaning operatives.  That way we can guarantee all services are completely according to your schedule and in line with our exceptionally high standards.

Our Public Sector services extend further than tailored cleaning schedules. Abelian is able to provide you with a number of solutions for your range of washroom services, consumables and waste management systems.  We’re continually working on reducing our carbon footprint, giving you a more environmentally friendly space. 

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