Healthcare Sector 

Abelian has been the healthcare cleaning service provider for small family practices, medical centres and health clinics in London and Greater London.

We understand that cleanliness and hygiene are fundamental in reducing both patient and healthcare provider’s risk of healthcare-associated infection. We also understand that delivering patient care with minimal interference is importance.

Abelian offers a range of specialised healthcare cleaning services to prevent, reduce and control the risk of infection. We meticulously work and adhere to the NHS’s National Specification for Cleanliness guidelines. Creating tailored cleaning schedules in preparation for upcoming Care Quality Commission inspections and ongoing cleaning requirements.

Healthcare and Medical Center cleaning services in London


Understanding the challenges faced in sustaining a hygienic environment, we provide healthcare cleaning and disinfection services. Our cleaning schedules are designed to fully meet the hygiene requirements of your medical facility, whilst remaining competitively priced.

Our highly trained and experienced cleaning operatives are fully vetted, whilst undergoing continual training to ensure compliance with all guideline standards. They are expertly skilled in the latest cleaning technology and machinery. We are environmentally conscious and so ensure all cleaning agents used are of the highest quality. Our Eco-friendly range of agents are used where required making safer cleaning containing no toxic chemicals. Our operatives are fully uniformed to ensure they are easily identified as Abelian.

A dedicated Area Manager will be assigned to your facility, who will be available 24/7. We use Time and Attendance management systems to track and monitor our cleaning operatives. That way we can guarantee all medical cleaning services are completed to our unquestionably high standards, allowing your focus to remain on patient care.

Our healthcare and medical practice cleaning services extend further than just the internal environment. Abelian is able to provide you with solutions for your range of washroom services, consumables and waste management systems.  We’re continually working on reducing our carbon footprint, giving you a more environmentally friendly medical practice.

Our cleaning services for medical practices include:

To discuss your cleaning requirements, please call 0207 501 9999 or to request a free site visit, fill in our quotation form.