Financial Sector

Abelian offers professional cleaning services tailored to financial sectors in London and Greater London with over 21 years of experience.

We understand that busy working environments like those in the financial sector means your employees working patterns vary according to projects at hand. This is why Abelian focuses their financial office cleaning to impose minimal interruption.

Our extensive facilities management portfolio encompasses a large number of banking, financial and insurance institutions. We have built increasingly strong relationships with our clients over the years because we understand that providing bespoke, transparent and cost effective commercial cleaning services ensures a productive working environment.

Financial sector cleaning services in London


The cleanliness of your office is not only important for productivity but the impression given to clients and guests. Abelian is able to provide a solution that creates a space to be proud of when welcoming clients. As well as one that is hygienically clean and comfortable. Reducing the risk of sick days boosting not only creativity and team moral but importantly, saving you money. 

This is why Abelian is the chosen provider for our comprehensive range of bespoke commercial cleaning services with focus on both your office requirements and budget available. Our highly trained and experienced operatives are skilled in the latest cleaning technology and machinery. We are environmentally conscious and so ensure all cleaning agents used are of the highest quality. Our Eco-friendly range of agents is used where required and appropriate. Our operatives are fully vetted and uniformed to ensure they are easily identified as Abelian. Full DBS checks are carried out to ensure all operatives pass any safeguard regulations your company may have. 

We assign a dedicated Area Manager who is available 24/7 to answer your queries. Time and Attendance management systems are used to track and monitor our cleaning operatives. That way we can guarantee all financial cleaning services are completed to the agreed schedule, with the highest standards.

Abelian’s services extend further than simply the office environment. We’re able to provide you with solutions for your range of washroom services, consumables and waste management systems.  We’re continually working on reducing our carbon footprint, giving you a more environmentally friendly office space. 

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