Education Sector 

Abelian is trusted with providing school cleaning services to over 70 schools, colleges, universities and nurseries within London and Greater London.

We understand a clean and hygienic environment for teachers and students is crucial for engagement and learning. Allowing children to safely develop is vital, giving peace of mind to yourself and parents. 

Sick days lost by students hugely impacts their learning both socially and academically. Our school cleaning service ensures we'll maintain the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness. A tailored cleaning schedule will be created to fit your budget and our operatives will ensure all duties are completed in a method that doesn't interrupt learning.

School Cleaning services in London


Abelian requires all of our school cleaners to successfully pass all DBS checks, highlighting our commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of students and staff. 

Our highly trained operatives are skilled in the latest cleaning technology and machinery. We are environmentally conscious, so ensure all cleaning agents used are of the highest quality. We are able to fully disinfect and sanitise in time for flu outbreaks, reducing your students' risk. Our Eco-friendly range of cleaning agents are toxic chemical free, creating safer cleaning. whilst our operatives are fully vetted and uniformed to ensure they are easily identified.

We assign dedicated Area Managers to every school cleaning contract, who is available 24/7. Abelian uses Time and Attendance systems, allowing us to track and monitor our operatives work patterns. So we know our unquestionably high standards are continually reached. Our Area Managers will complete spot inspections and regular audits in line with our service delivery.

Abelian is able to provide you with solutions for your range of Washroom Services, Janitors and Caretaking should you need daily ad hoc cleaning requests to be met, plus Carpet and Floor Ceaning/Maintenance to protect carpets from spillages and footfall.  We’re continually working on reducing our carbon footprint, helping you to become a more environmentally friendly school.

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