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Your Spring Cleaning Check List Made Easy!

We are so glad spring has finally started to show its slightly warmer face. It gives everyone the perfect excuse to clear out any unwanted things within the office. In doing so making way for a fresh and clutter free start to the season. We’re all prone to collecting various pieces of ‘tat’ that stick around taking up valuable space on our desks. Even the most organised of us benefit from a clear out.

Office cleaning can be done by either a commercial cleaning provider or by employees as a team task with multiple benefits. We’ve made a list that will give you some tips to help you make the most out of this year’s spring-time office cleaning:


1. Bin anything that’s not needed:

Your office without a doubt represents your company and its culture. If your office is where clients or guests visit, the last thing you want is giving an impression that your work reflects your potentially unkempt and messy environment. Ensuring that your facility is clean, tidy and professionally organised work wonders for making the right first impression.

Not just limited to your desk, offices are like our homes. They’re a prime location for a build-up of things no longer needed. Whether it’s old files, documents and notes, broken furniture or worn in filing cabinets. Cables become untidy causing trip hazards and plants that once had a better life may still be sat on windowsills.

Take a look at everything around you and work out what has and hasn’t been used over the last couple of months. How important are these pieces that are taking up valuable space? If they don’t make the cut then be confident to throw them away. This can make space for fresh faced items, or making more room in your office.  An airy environment is one that helps to create a sense of calm. This calming effect can help with maintaining your team’s morale, health and productivity.


What to do with unwanted items?

  • Throwing furniture away? Why not donate these items to a charity or to new start-ups that are struggling to fund their new office furniture. You’ll be sharing the feel good factor of a spring office clean!
  • Found files that are safe to be binned along with other paper or recyclable items. To make sure you are environmentally conscious ensure they are recycled properly. If you don’t have a recycling system in place then maybe this is something to think about!


2. The ultimate desk clean

So often we sit at our desks with paperwork and files building up in a way that creates what everyone calls an “organised mess”. Creating a team event out of desk clean-ups will help your team to feel motivated in maintaining a tidy office environment. These team orientated events can be weekly or monthly! It also means for those that use office cleaning providers, their operatives will be able to clean all surfaces without touching or moving paper work.

Organisation is key and by understanding your employees desk functionality a stationary list can be created for new items. Purchasing paper trays, baskets or filing units will help your company’s organisation be more effective long term. We have all fallen victim to shoving paper work in our desk draws and struggled to find it at a later date when it really matters.

Helping your employees to feel motivated and in control of their work load will help their productivity. With deadlines becoming increasingly short, the tidiness of your employee’s office desks will make a real impact.



3. The act of cleaning

We recommend, where available, you use a professional office cleaning provider. This means the stress and hassle of continually managing cleaning activities can be passed on to a company that specialises in contracted cleaning. No longer will you have to stress over organising window cleaning, periodic carpet cleaning or juggling the annoyance of simple tasks not being done like bins being emptied.


Spring cleaning from a contracted office cleaning service provider:

  • On top of your employees managing their own desk organisation, service providers will be able to truly clean the nitty gritty. Technology specific cleaning materials are used that will sanitise everything from your phone to computer keyboard without leaving annoying streaks on desktop screens.
  • Carpets and hard floors will often be marked with stains from shoes and inevitable spillages of tea and coffee. Periodic cleaning means creating a longer lifespan for your floors. Depending on the pile of your carpet or hard floor material, time effective technology and man power will be used so your office faces minimal room down time.  This creates fresh and clean flooring for everybody to enjoy.
  • Kitchen areas are prone to high levels of bacteria. Read our blog here to learn about hidden germs! Having a dedicated cleaner will mean all areas of your kitchen will be spotless. Fridge clean outs will happen, all surfaces and appliances are cleaned and disinfected. Coffee mugs will be washed ready for the next day. An added bonus is that properly disinfecting these high footfall areas can actually reduce cross contamination and employee sick days.
  • We mentioned above the importance of properly recycling your waste. Spring cleaning offers the perfect opportunity to kick start this plan. Having a streamlined waste management process is not only good (and crucial in today’s climate) for the environment but also for your corporate social responsibility. Your company will be setting a standard for its focus on becoming more eco-friendly!

Our list of key points does not mean that you need to employ a contracted service to ensure the above are always completed and maintained. Management processes are key with keeping your office environment hygienic. Keeping on top of these and having your employees actively involved in the organisation of your office will really help.

Let us know by leaving a comment if our tips helped your office, or if you have any other points we missed that you think are important for a successful office spring clean.

If you want a professional service, why not give us a call?

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