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In-house cleaning vs Commercial Contract Cleaning

In-house cleaning is self-explanatory in that a company will directly employ their cleaning team by themselves to manage all aspects of any office cleaning service in varying sectors, or school cleaning for academic institutions.

Very often this process is seen as far superior and financially beneficial for the company in terms of time and cost savings. Obviously, with directly employing your own cleaners you have 100% control over the hourly wage you pay, and the subsequent pension schemes, holiday pay, sick leave etc. relating to just the cleaner. It would appear this is a financially beneficial system.

Trusting a commercial cleaning company to make the maximum use of an available budget, whilst ensuring you receive the highest level of cleanliness is often a fear. There have been numerous experiences, where contracts have been priced at a rate for the first year and overtime costs have increased – often due to initial under quoting to win contracts over competitors. So arguably, it is no surprise that often companies or schools are nervous about sourcing a contracted provider on this base. It is worth noting here that Abelian prides itself on creating fixed price contracts for all clients (prices will only change due to government enforced changes).

However, surprisingly it is often forgotten that actually in the long term, commercial cleaning companies and outsourcing office cleaning, or school cleaning solutions can actually be financially beneficial — as well as relieving stress for management employees.

There are a number of reasons why this fact can be substantiated for both public and private sectors including educational institutions.


  • In-house management of cleaning products

With in-house cleaning the company or school must go through the process of ordering cleaning equipment, and cleaning agents which can become costly. With commercial cleaning companies, they often buy in bulk or have partnerships with consumables which are then reflected in a cheaper consumable price in your contract costing. When specific cleaning products are required, or biodegradable agents are needed to reduce toxins and pollutants in the office, Commercial Cleaning companies have better access and knowledge of suitable supplies. When a contract is in place your designated Area Manager will manage all ordering, sourcing and delivering of equipment. This process removes the paperwork stress from your employees, freeing them to continue with more important work.


  • Finances & changes in budgets available

Cleaning budgets are often being pressured to become more economic and free cash flow. With in-house cleaning, if at any point cleaning hours need to be reduced or layoffs occur. Companies are left dealing with pay outs, or cutting costs so much that they are appropriately understaffed for the cleaning job at hand.

Out sourcing cleaning means the service contractors will have to handle this accordingly whilst remaining contractually obliged, to ensure the cleaning service they deliver doesn’t fall below standards. Ultimately this will be creating a stress free scenario for Facility Managers, with added security that their premise will remain a clean environment, as per the contract agreement. In the event of high levels of staff turnover, or cleaners failing to turn up for their shifts, cleaning companies have reactive staff procedures in place so no detrimental effect is felt by your facility.


  • Cleaning isn’t the only service

Cleaning doesn’t just cover the wiping of surfaces, mopping and cleaning of toilets. There is the need for Carpet & Hard Floor Deep CleaningFloor Maintenance, Window Cleaning and Management of Waste Disposal. When in-house cleaners are used there may be the perception that cleaning costs are kept low due to internal sourcing.

However, when it comes to out sourcing the other mentioned services, management are required to contact, contract and manage these service providers to ensure the jobs are being carried out on time and when required. Each contract cost rapidly adds up, when in-fact seeking a Commercial Cleaning provider that satisfies all of these needs under one contract umbrella, works out not only to be more cost effective, but also removes the often time consuming and frustrating management process in orchestrating these processes. Why deal with multiple contact points when you can rely solely on one?


  • Security & safeguarding your premises.

Security rightly so is often an important factor that is benefited from using in-house cleaning, particularly when it comes to schools or offices where secure information is accessible, or overheard. In-house allows selective criteria and creates a sense of trust in those employees.

Whereas without sourcing there may be concern that safety and security hasn’t been considered by a cleaning contractor. At Abelian, we safeguard secure areas by ensuring DBS checks are carried out on all of our cleaning operatives to ensure only the safest people have access to secure areas, where information or vulnerable people are. The use of ID badges and vetting processes maximises trust with our clients in all sectors.


  • Training, training & more training.

As I mentioned before, ensuring a hygienic and clean environment is maintained continuously, especially in areas of high footfall requires skill and concentration. The use of machinery and cleaning agents needs on-going training, to ensure cleaners are keeping up to date with the innovative advances in the industry.

If you’re in-house, all training is left up to the Facility Manager or the appropriate person in charge – it may even mean they require training themselves. This is not only time consuming, but is also a costly procedure, and comes with added frustration. As you have probably already guessed it, this is another benefit to outsourcing cleaning expertise. It is the contractor’s duty to ensure all cleaning operatives are trained, and equipped with the latest knowledge to effectively carry out their job in a timely manner.

Ensuring you environment is not only clean, but properly disinfected is so important for infection risks. If cleaning agents are used that contain chemicals, the storage and mixing of these is paramount to internal safety of everyone within the space – poorly trained cleaners risk harming both themselves and those around them. Companies that have been awarded the Certification ISO 9001 have so for their ongoing quality assurance. Accreditations like this help managers to determine who the reputable cleaning companies within the market are.

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