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Quality management systems is an umbrella term that labels systems used by our Area Managers and subsequent cleaning companies to manage all aspects of cleaning contracts. The systems include auditing processes, ordering of consumables, plus Time and Attendance management.

These systems are put in place to create functional flexibility within service agreements, allowing ongoing tracking to ensure accurate service delivery. Accountability creates a level of communication between the client and the cleaning company. This active participation and analysis enables flexibility in overcoming any obstacles. As well as offering an analytical measure to track processes and core targets to create customer satisfaction.

Within QMS’s, accreditation’s support the value of these strategic processes; to read about the accreditation’s Abelian has been awarded see here.

Auditing Processes

A dedicated Area Manager will be assigned to manage your site and act as a direct point of contact should you have any service questions. Their attention is focused on ensuring all cleaning operatives are fulfilling their duties to the highest possible standard. Area Managers employ spontaneous site visits to ensure our cleaners are always meeting our exacting expectations – whilst giving us a true representation of the current cleaning standards being delivered.

Audits are performed on hand held devices, which means all managers are able to perform assessments of your site. Records and scores are given based on the viewed standard and in accordance with the service agreement. If problems are identified, images and notes are recorded within the auditing file.

Progress can be tracked at each step guaranteeing a rapid response on all raised concerns. Within this we will also address areas where we see we are able to improve our services, without falling under your required standards, so you continually receive not an adequate service but one that exceeds.

Your assigned Area Manager will schedule, at your convenience, monthly cleaning reviews. These reviews aren’t typically negative – we believe continual and regular contact puts us in a position to tackle problems head on, or report back positive comments to our cleaners. As with anything, positive feedback only encourages everyone to work harder and feel valued.

Risk assessments and service reviews are able to be signed off and monitored, whilst costing’s and contract details can be requested and downloaded at any time. This allows fluidity of working between you as a client, the Area Manager and our head office; ensuring each contract has multiple touch points to guarantee no process is under-managed.

Ordering consumables is imperative to the smooth running of your site; be it toilet paper or cleaning fluid as agreed within your cleaning contract. The system allows your site manager to order various items at any point, from any location. The paper free process means document filing isn’t needed and remains environmentally conscious.

Time and Attendance Systems (TAS)

Often when we speak to prospective clients, we are told of the frustration faced when cleaners fail to turn up on time for their shift, and the lack of management in place to guarantee working hours are being completed as agreed per contract. As well as annoyance with service providers that fail to pay their cleaning operatives for overtime hours as agreed by the client. When employing a company to manage your cleaning solutions, factors associated with shift patterns and pay are not matters you as the client should be handling.

At Abelian, we implement a Time and Attendance system to overcome these mentioned issues. This allows us to track and monitor the work patterns of our operatives. The system, much like the above mentioned, is incredibly simple to install, needing only a freephone telephone number. Cleaning operatives call to sign in and out at the beginning and end of their shift. Each cleaning operative will be given a unique pin number to ensure accurate recordings of their shift patterns and locations are created.

All attendance patterns are immediately logged and made easily available to the required manager. Allowing your Area Manager to address any staffing issues in real time and activate our staff contingency plan where necessary.

Our cleaning operatives are fundamental to the success of Abelian, ensuring they are respected and are able to work safely is imperative. In the unlikely event that a problem is raised that may put our operatives in direct danger. The Time and Attendance system allows us to identify who is on site and ensure accountability for all lone and remote workers.

Adding True Value to Cleaning

There are multiple benefits to these systems be it tangible or intangible. All systems are synced with our head office records which means any documentation can be accessed at any point and downloaded by yourself or managers dealing with your cleaning contract.

Auditing process also ensure that staff and resources are highly managed for the purpose of creating cost effective cleaning solutions. All resources are maximized so that the cleaning budget you have available is spent effectively, adding true value.

As all cleaning operatives are logged within these systems, and upon registration, their records are made easily accessible. On issue of ID badges and uniforms, you will have a clear knowledge of who is working under Abelian. This visibility is crucial in the event of a cleaning operative working in secure areas or within schools. This coupled with DBs checking creates secure and safe environments for everyone.

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