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Find out why Quality Management Systems are so important!

Quality management systems (QMS) is an umbrella term that labels systems used by our Account Managers to manage our cleaning contracts. The systems enable regular audits to be performed,  stock ordering remotely from the contract location, report and track changes in cleaning methods as well as keeping check of our cleaners time and attendance.

QMS are put in place to create flexibility within service agreements; we continuously track all areas of a service delivery. This makes us accountable and proactive in ensuring we deliver the  cleaning service required by all of our customers. Audits use a simple yet effective traffic light colour coding system. We’re totally transparent about the outcomes of audits, allowing you access to your reports at any time. We rely on scheduled monthly meetings with all customers to builds transparency in our working relationship. It means out customers can give us feedback, we can understand any changing needs of your facility and adapt our solutions as required.

Our commitment to using QMS has enabled us to be awarded the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation; to read about the accreditation’s Abelian has been awarded see here.


How do our Auditing Processes work?

A dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to manage your site and act as a direct point of contact should you have any service questions. Their attention is focused on ensuring our cleaners are completing their cleaning duties to the highest possible standard. Account Managers carry out spontaneous site visits so they can see exactly how our cleaners are performing.

Audits are performed on hand held mobile devices. We’ll walk around and assess whether the cleaning standard is being delivered with the correct equipment, cleaning solutions and technique. Scores are given based on:

  • Red- requires immediate attention, a service failure has occurred
  • Amber – improvement is needed through small tweaks, perhaps additional training or refocusing of cleaners
  • Green – we’re delivering to the standard required

We use the service level agreement, where KPI’s are outlined, as the baseline for measuring our service. Where red or amber scores are recorded we’ll take photographs of the problem and make notes stored within the software. We’ll use these notes in meetings with you when we outline what our plan for progress.

Through the QMS, progress can be tracked at every step guaranteeing a rapid response to all raised concerns. Within this we will also address areas where we can to ensure a score never slips from an amber in to a green, or a green into amber. Our proactive approach means we aren’t reactive in our management. We monitor continuously and are hands-on which allows us to be proactive in preventing shortcomings. Cleaning managed through reactive approaches always guarantees unsatisfied customers.

Your assigned Account Manager will schedule, when you are free, monthly cleaning reviews. These reviews aren’t typically negative – we believe continual and regular contact puts us in a position to tackle problems head on, or report back positive comments to our cleaners. As with anything, positive feedback only encourages everyone to work harder and feel valued.  Risk assessments and service reviews and audits are all signed off when meetings have happened, and most importantly, when you’re happy.

QMS software also allows costing’s and contract details to be requested and downloaded at any time.  Everyone responsible through our company structure and management of your facility has access. This support network means each contract has access points for managerial staff so no process is ever under-managed.

Ordering consumables is imperative to the smooth running of your site whether its consumables, cleaning solutions or machinery. QMS allows your site manager to order various items at any point, from any location. The paper free process means document filing isn’t needed helping us to remain environmentally conscious.


Time and Attendance Systems (TAS)

Often when we speak to prospective clients we are told of the frustration faced when cleaners fail to turn up on time for their shift. Not to mention the lack of management in place to guarantee working hours are being completed. When employing a company to manage your cleaning solutions, factors associated with shift patterns and pay are not matters you as the client should be handling.

At Abelian, we implement a Time and Attendance system to overcome these mentioned issues. This allows us to track and monitor the work patterns of our cleaners. The system, much like the above mentioned, is incredibly simple to install, needing only a freephone telephone number. Cleaning operatives call to sign in and out at the beginning and end of their shift. Each cleaning operative will be given a unique pin number to ensure accurate recordings of their shift patterns and locations are taken.

All attendance patterns are immediately logged and made easily available to the Account Manager. This allows your Account Manager to address any staffing issues in real time and activate our staff contingency plan where necessary. Staff contingency plans are in place should a no-show at our customer’s sites occur. Alerts are sent to management and a cleaner is put on site immediately. We manage this process to reduce any impact on your site and ensure the cleaning is always completed. Our mobile cleaning teams can also be used to cover holiday shifts allowing us to use our resources when required.

Our cleaning operatives are fundamental to the success of Abelian, ensuring they are respected and are able to work safely is incredibly important to us. In the unlikely event that a problem on site occurs when lone workers are cleaning the Time and Attendance system allows us to identify each operative. An alert is also sent when a cleaner has failed to log out of their shift. This allows us to be accountable for all cleaning operatives across all of our sites, especially those that work remotely or alone.


Adding True Value to Cleaning

There are multiple benefits to these systems which allow us to add value to our customer’s contracts. All systems are synced with our head office records which means any documentation can be accessed at any point and downloaded by yourself or managers dealing with your cleaning contract.

Auditing processes also ensure that staff and resources are managed effectively. This means that we control spend available within your budget to be used most cost effectively. We maximise the use of resources and implement productive cleaning solutions. We always aim to build in cost savings where we can in our competitively priced fixed contracts.

As all cleaning operatives are logged within our QMS, and upon registration, their records are made easily accessible. On issue of ID badges and uniforms, you will have a clear knowledge of who is working for Abelian and providing you with the cleaning standards you deserve. This visibility means we are again accountable for the safety of everyone that works or uses your facility. This coupled with DBs checking creates secure and safe environments for everyone.


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