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Building an Office Atmosphere for Creative Minds

London is fortunate enough to be a centralized hub of creative minds. With a number of studios, production houses, marketing and advertisement agencies helping global companies deliver content to leverage them as key players in their sector.  London’s advertising industry transnationally is arguably one of the oldest and most successful. You’ll find huge names like Bartle Bogle Hegarty, DDB Worldwide, J.Walter Thompson and WPP. As well as design houses like Interbrand, Landor and Wolff Olins.

With that in mind, companies now are focusing on their internal space and making way for new changes that foster creativity. London’s architecture isn’t something that can be changed. This makes it difficult for businesses that are working in offices that can’t easily be adapted to the changing work patterns of their employees. Or, in most cases, still have décor channelled from the late 80’s.

That being said, there are effective changes that can be made to foster productivity in your office and give it a boost as well as creating an environment that allows creativity to be fluid between all departments.   This allows your business to not be held back from unforgiving office layouts.


Locate a zone for creative thinking

A lively environment can be a difficult concept to deliver in your office environment. Lively offices encourage creative thinking as employees share and bounce ideas between each other. Everybody in one way or another has suffered from the frustrating ‘writers block’.

Designating areas within the office can be a positive shift. Areas can be found in communal zones, around open plan kitchens, comfy corners or even in spare rooms used for infrequent meetings. These designated areas allow employees to know where to head for creative freedom. It also means those who prefer to work in peace won’t be held back from their work.

Now you’ve chosen the location, provide comfortable seating, white boards for ideas to be scribbled and developed as well as fruit or fresh juice as refreshments. Building the office to be an extension of a comforting home can build a creative culture throughout the company.


Reduce clutter and make things movable

Desks that are cluttered, with poor organisation, and filled with unimportant documents will hold back clarity of thought for everyone. Cluttered desks only promote cluttered minds. Providing desk organisers, functional storage units and encouraging employees to have monthly desk clear outs will definitely help. This will also enable your cleaning provider to disinfect desks and equipment efficiently, impacting not only creative thinking but also reducing cross contamination of viruses in your office. Healthy employees take less days off, and are more motivated to work and meet deadlines.

Sitting in the same space day in day out can, for some, be really demotivating. Having desks that can be easily relocated, creative boards moved to others walls, or plants re-positioned can help to change your employees approach to work. Providing fresh surroundings can help to inject new thought processes.


Bring natural life inside 

Plants provide a host of benefits to offices, from their calming effect to increasing internal air quality. Visually, plants offer numerous shades of vibrant green and those that flower bring additional soft colours. For creative minds, plants can provide an opportunity for visual meditation, ultimately leading to more productive and calm employees.

Offices are often sealed when the luxury of opening windows is not available often because of high rise building or air conditioning units providing ‘optimum’ indoor conditions. Outdoor pollution is a major issue for London; open windows leave internal areas prone to toxic air. Multiple culprits for toxicity in offices comes from dust, VOC’s found in air fresheners or compounds released from old furniture. As well as formaldehydes and chemicals released from cleaning materials.

Plants are perfect for negating some of these pollutant effects. Choosing the right plant will provide internal conditions that will help to keep your employees healthy and proactive. As well as adding a calming advantage for everyone. We recommend:

  • Areca Palm: A super effective plant that removes toxins and provides water vapour to make sure your office isn’t affected by dry air.
  • Lady Palm: A perfect plant for offices that aren’t flooded with natural sunlight and thrive in cool spaces. Its slow growth gives longevity and is perfect for bringing life to empty corners.
  • Bamboo Palm: A fantastic solution for removing toxins found in rooms filled with formaldehyde found commonly in rubbers and detergents. . This will help to rid heavy heads within the office.

If your cleaning provider hasn’t approached you with the option of chemical free cleaning materials, we highly suggest this is something you chat to them about. Not only do chemical-free solutions help you as a company become more environmentally conscious, it also protects your staff from increased levels of toxicity which can be simply avoided. If employees suffer from asthma or allergies, you’ll also be helping them to manage these conditions.


Add splashes of colour and inspiration to walls

Colour has the ability to impact a person’s mood or feeling towards an environment. Adding colour to walls also allows companies to brand their office. This is perfect for visiting clients, allowing them to feel and see your company culture. Your colour scheme should reflect the creativity within your office.

Blue and orange is commonly associated with creativity. Whereas red and black more so with dominance and power. Selecting colours, whether it’s paint on the walls or choice of accessories, will help to invigorate team moral and provide pieces of inspiration.

This is the same for feature pieces; decorations in your office should reflect the company’s creative outlook. When new ideas are needed these key pieces can remind employees of the company culture, their creative direction and help stimulate fresh new ideas. Again, when clients visit they’ll be able to see a true reflection of your company’s ability to think outside the box and deliver an exceptional design led service.


Want a trusted company to provide you with the cleanliness that your space requires to support your office’s creative flow. Contact us today or take a look at our media office cleaning service. 

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