How To Successfully Deal With Summer School Cleaning

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With only one full school term left for students and staff, it is important that plans are put in place to deal with the extensive job of summer cleaning to make sure schools are germ free, sparkling clean and ready for a fresh academic year. Attention to detail is needed regardless of the academic institution be it primary schools all the way up to universities.

Sadly this means little down time for members of staff that manage this enormous job. Therefore, it seems fair that adequate planning is crucial in order for the seemingly endless list of duties to be completed.

Ensuring that you employ a dedicated service provider to attend to all school cleaning duties is crucial. Not only will it instil confidence in site managers that tasks are completed to the highest standard, but a well thought out plan often means financial saving in the long run.

Summer school cleaning can be a perfect opportunity to test a new cleaning providers services to determine how appropriate and capable they are at recommending cost effective solutions and delivering on all services within your cleaning plan.


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Summer School Cleaning List: 

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance With hundreds of dirty shoes and students running down hallways, over carpets and having little awareness of spillages leaves carpets & flooring full of dirt, stains and prone to being worn out looking unsightly - reflecting little of your schools standards!!

Floor maintenance and proper carpet / hard floor cleaning requires extensive skill. Ensuring the right products are used - harsh chemicals only ware out carpets leaving them weak whilst hard floors require specific methods to ensure they are buffed and sealed adequately. 

Deep Cleaning -  With a years’ worth of dirt building up even when cleaning providers achieve the standards required for your school. It is still crucial that a deep clean is carried out to rid the school of germs and grim in areas less accessible.

Summer time is the perfect opportunity, students and teachers are away so cleaning providers are able to reach all areas with zero disruption to any staff. Deep cleans cover all areas of the school from classrooms, gym halls to kitchen areas and washrooms..

Window CleaningOften carried out periodically, window cleaning is an extensive job often requiring equipment for high reach areas. Within the window cleaning package both inside and outside windows are expertly cleaned - granted often closer to term time - truly giving a fresh and clean start to the year for new students and current.

Within the window cleaning package, focus on blinds and upholstery ensures the windows are framed in the cleanest of blinds, and curtains. Unsightly dust, stains and smells are removed with expert techniques to give a new lease of life.

Complete Disinfection - Very often viral outbreaks occur at unscheduled times throughout the year. This is why it is so important that your school receives a comprehensive disinfection and sanitation service during summer closure.

This way any left behind bacteria can be professionally removed to reduce outbreaks come the start of the term. With germs and bacteria able to harbor on all surfaces for periods of time, cross contamination and reinfection risks are high to any student returning back to school including teachers and staff. A comprehensive sanitation services reduces your schools risk.


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