How innovation is reducing absenteeism and its financial impact for office cleaning.

It is arguable that a primary source of annoyance for employers is the financial and creative loss faced as a result of sickness. ‘Presenteeism’ culture sees employees working longer hours in search of positive appraisals from management, whilst juggling increasing workloads and demanding deadlines, often at the expense of their own health. Even at clear times of sickness employees are more often working at their desk with minimal consideration or awareness at the risk they pose in contaminating the work environment, and their colleagues.

The latest data published by the Office for National Statistics found 34 million work days in 2016 were lost as a result of minor illnesses, costing the UK economy £73 billion in lost productivity. It is estimated of the £73 billion, sick leave costs employers on average £29 billion a year. With profit for any business being a staple of sustainability, it is evident that effective and financially responsible solutions must be implemented to tackle workplace illness as a result of poor sanitation.

Defined Causes of Absenteeism: ONS

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