Abelian's Innovation Series

Green CleaningOver the coming weeks with our Innovation Cleaning Series. We’ll be sharing with you how Abelian is adjusting to the changing scenery of the Cleaning Industry. 

Trends have seen companies focus on environmental and eco-friendly cleaning methods which are paving the way for greener cleaning – a step we should all be grateful for!

As well as a focus on how Soft FM providers are guaranteeing their clients get true value for money in their contracts. Gone are the times of focusing solely on profit, even though nobody is arguing the fact profit is a pillar of expansion and growth,

The cleaning industry divvies itself into subservices with endless avenues for market penetration. Within the Commercial Cleaning sector alone we're able to provide everything from Daily Office Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning inclusive of upholstery and Washroom Services.

Soft FM extends the service line further with Pest Control, Security and Waste Management. The list is by no means limited to the above metioned. As we know, market leaders are applying themselves liberally to every corner of the industry. Whilst small, new to market providers, are battling to capture their fair share of the action.

With such a highly competitive industry and multiple subservices, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine what truly sets companies apart from one another and more importantly, understanding what clients look for when making their choices.  

  • Is it solely based on reputation and testimonials? 
  • Is it the list of credible accreditations awarded?
  • Are clients persuaded by the viable solutions offered be it environmental responsibility or time efficiency?
  • Or ultimately does it purely come down to the cost of the contract?

There is no doubt that, depending on who you speak to, these factors may or may not play a role in the decision making. Each company has their own corporate values and visions that become increasingly difficult to interpret when creating any tailored cleaning contract.  

However, being aware of market disruptions in the technology available within the industry is a recommendation nobody should ignore!

This is why Abelian is making 2018 it’s year of innovation. We’ve partnered with leading suppliers of technology and machinery, as well as cleaning agents.

Allowing us to create cleaning contracts that:

  •  Cut the number of working hours needed per operative 
  • Use cleaning agents that are harm and risk free for both our dedicated cleaners and employees working within the space.
  • We’re even able to react, but more importantly, prevent flu outbreaks in a matter of minutes. 

Abelian are creating solutions that are both environmentally conscious and as time, and cost efficient as possible.

Our service standard has always been one to be proud of but in 2018 we’re expanding further, becoming more dedicated to issues at hand and focusing our efforts on creating transparent cleaning contracts that push boundaries and even more accommodate the personalised needs of our clients.

In the coming posts we'll be highlighting exactly how our strategy is putting our clients first and the way in which we will guarantee they'll receive the best in service delivery.

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