Contract Management

Abelian uses this system to streamline all contracts in place ensuring the contract life cycle is comprehensively monitored, ensuring every aspect of you cleaning contract is provided to the highest standards whether it is commercial office cleaning or school cleaning. 

TAS (Time and Attendance)

TAS allows us to monitor and track the work patterns of our cleaning operatives once installation of the device, provided by us, occurs at your site. Utilising this system enables assigned dedicated Area Managers to guarantee all requirements are being achieved in line with our exceptionally high standards. Your Area Managers will be available 24hours to answer any emergencies or concerns you have. 

Quality Management Systems

With all cleaning contracts we include electronic management systems which enable us to provide our clients with comprehensive audits. Allowing our operational management team to measure performance and identify inconsistencies with the agreed KPI’s, with reactive strategies in place.

Our Commitment to all Contracts

We discuss, agree and plan your cleaning requirement and outline our commitment to delivering service excellence through the implementation of our SLA agreement.

Commitment to Quality

We explicitly apply our company values to all cleaning contracts during the entire 360 process. From the first point of contact to the last service our cleaning operatives provide, there is not stage we overlook in providing exceptional service. 

  • Service Standards – we discuss, agree and plan your cleaning contract with focus on all cleaning services you require ensuring we fall within budgetary constraints. Abelian outlines our commitment to delivering excellence through the implementation of our SLA agreement.
  • Commitment to Quality – Our QMS allows us to monitor, through the lifetime of your contract, and measure our performance in agreement with our SLA. Our TAS ensures we know our operatives are where they need to be, when they need to, so your site is maintained to the highest standard. 
  • Communication – communication within Abelian is crucial being it between you and our operation managers or within the Abelian work force. Allowing us to report critical QMS audits and speedily implement changes voiced by you or identified by our operations managers. We communicate any new developments with our stakeholders and solicit all received input to enable continual growth with our methods and standards.  
  • Innovation – engrained within our strategy to increase productivity and value for you as the customer and to enable Abelian cleaning operatives to work increasingly efficient, with the highest standard technology and equipment. We continually review, monitor and innovate in all facets of the company allowing us to become one of the premium soft facilities management companies.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Abelian prides itself having been awarded the accreditation ISO 14001 for our ongoing environmental policies and practices. We are innovation conscious with our environmental impact and working conditions of our employees at the forefront. Our cleaning agents are of the highest standard and quality; our consumables are bio-degradable with eco-friendly products used where appropriate. 

Since 2015 we have successfully reduced our carbon emissions by 20% year on year as shown by our ISO 14001 accreditation and are on track to be a zero carbon emissions company by 2025. 

We are a paper free company with all documentation, contracts, information packs and brochures sent electronically. Removing the need for excess paper wastage and reducing out environmental impact.