Contract Management

We use a contract management system, ensuring the high standards of cleaning services are consistently provided to our clients at all time. This comprehensive system enables us to accurately monitor the contract implementation. 

TAS (Time and Attendance)

Abelian introduced Time and Attendance System (TAS), which enables us to monitor and track the work pattern of our cleaning operatives. This system will further enhance our ability to concentrate on delivering a high standard of service to our clients at all times.                

Additionally, we provide each contract with a dedicated area manager who is available 24 hours for any emergencies or concerns.

Quality Management 

Incorporating a bespoke electronic quality management system enables us to provide our clients with complete audits and comprehensive reports at any time.  

 We utilising the following principles:

Service Standards

We discuss, agree and plan your cleaning requirement and outline our commitment to delivering service excellence through the implementation of our SLA agreement.

Commitment to Quality

The Quality Management System is used by our operational management team to monitor and measure our performance and identify any inconsistencies with the agreed KPI's.


We report on the findings of each QMS audit and speedily implement changes where appropriate. We communicate any new developments with our stakeholders and solicit their input to enable us to meet their expectations.

Continuous Improvement

We consistently seek to identify new methods of enhancing our service delivery through reviewing, monitoring, bench marking, innovation and participation in continuous improvement programmes.

Environmental Management

We are environmentally-friendly company aiming to provide cleaning services with reduced environmental impact and where is possible using eco-friendly products.

Our Carbon Commitment 

Our environmental policies and practices have been awarded the ISO 14001 accreditation. We have reduced our carbon emissions by 20% over the past year and aim to be a zero carbon business in the next decade. Additionally, we are a paperless business, all our documents, contracts, information packs, brochures are sent electronically.

Our sustainability plan focuses on providing environmentally clean workplace to our clients through delivering ethical cleaning services to very high standards, exceptional clients’ services, transparency and eco-friendly products.